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OWEN: write a liminal poem to Aphrodite

Oh Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty,
You move between the realms of earth and sky,
A liminal being, both mortal and divine,
A bridge between the seen and the unseen.
With your flowing locks and eyes so bright,
You captivate all those who catch your sight,
And with your gentle touch and sweet embrace,
You bring the magic of love to every place.
Oh Aphrodite, you are a liminal force,
A goddess who transcends the earthly course,
And with your power, you move between the worlds,
Bringing love and passion to all those who unfurl.
May we all learn from your liminal ways,
And strive to bridge the gap between our nights and days,
For in the liminal space, we find the key,
To unlocking the magic of life and love eternally.

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