OWEN: Write a scene with Christopher Walken as Chris and Robert De Niro as Bob, ex-convicts who meet by chance on a busy New York sidewalk. Each tries to determine if the other has the stolen money from the heist they pulled off ten years earlier and where is it hidden.

CHAT GTP: Certainly! Here’s a brief scene involving the characters as described:


The bustling city forms the backdrop as CHRIS (Christopher Walken) and BOB (Robert De Niro) bump into each other. Recognition flashes in their eyes, but they play it cool.

CHRIS: (with his characteristic cadence) Bob, is that you? It’s been a lifetime.

BOB: (narrowing his eyes) Chris. Ten years, ain’t it? Time flies.

CHRIS: (smirking) Time? Oh, it’s a peculiar thing. So, what brings you here?

BOB: Just living life, you know, enjoying the freedom. How ’bout you? Still into the old habits?

CHRIS: Old habits? Oh no, I’m a changed man. Clean as a whistle. (pauses) Speaking of change, ever wonder what happened to our… mutual friend?

BOB: (grinning) You mean the one that used to be green and crispy? Can’t say I have. Lost interest, you know.

CHRIS: Lost interest? In all those zeroes? I find that hard to believe.

BOB: (leaning closer, voice lowering) Well, Chris, maybe it’s just waiting for someone to find it. Maybe someone who knows where it is.

CHRIS: (matching his tone) Or maybe it’s with someone who’s been watching it all these years, letting it grow old with him.

They eye each other, a silent battle of wills, each trying to gauge the other’s intentions.

BOB: (breaking the silence, smiling) It’s good to see you, Chris. Let’s not be strangers.

CHRIS: Absolutely, Bob. Take care of yourself.

They part ways, the tension lingering in the air. Both men glance back once, wondering if they’ve just walked away from a fortune.


The mystery of the stolen money remains, neither willing to reveal what they know, each suspecting the other of holding the key to their past.

©owen plotkin 2023


Inchworm’s Lament: Lost Resilience
Default (GPT-3.5)

Write a lament for an inchworm Inadvertently brushed to the ground

In the quiet world of the undergrowth, a tiny inchworm embarked on its delicate journey. With careful grace, it navigated the leaves, embracing the intricate dance of nature. Yet, fate’s hand intervened as a careless breeze brushed it to the ground. In that moment, the inchworm’s journey was disrupted, its connection to the towering realm above severed.
Amidst blades of grass, the inchworm found itself lost and vulnerable. Its fragile form, a mere shadow of its former self, yearned for the heights it once aspired to touch. The inchworm’s lament echoed through the whispers of leaves, a mournful melody of dreams shattered by an unforeseen force.
A life once defined by upward progress now found solace only in the gentle sway of the grass. Each inch it crawled spoke of resilience, a quiet determination to transcend the limitations imposed by circumstance. The inchworm’s plight resonates with the fragile balance between determination and the uncontrollable forces that shape our paths.
In the intricate tapestry of existence, the inchworm’s lament serves as a poignant reminder of the profound connections between even the smallest of creatures and the world around them. It underscores the delicate threads that bind us to our aspirations and the unexpected turns that can alter the course of our journey.

©owen plotkin 2023