OWEN: write an e.e. cummings poem about an foolish old man who falls in love with a singing mermaid

In a world where waves whispered secrets untold,
Lived a foolish old man, his story unfolds,
His heart, like a ship, lost at sea, set to roam,
As he fell for a mermaid, who sang of her home.

With wrinkles like waves, his face weathered and worn,
He’d listen each night to her mellifluous song,
Her voice, like the tides, pulled his heart ever near,
A mermaid, enchanting, whom he held dear.

He’d sit by the shore, his eyes filled with dreams,
As moonlight danced on the silvery streams,
He’d sing to the stars, to the ocean’s deep hum,
“I’m in love with a mermaid, my heart’s kingdom come.”

Yet, wise men would scoff, and sailors would jest,
At the foolish old man, so hopelessly blessed,
For love knows no logic, no matter how odd,
As he cherished the mermaid, his love, his sea-god.

And though their love story seemed destined to fail,
He’d cherish each moment, his heart set to sail,
For in his foolish heart, he’d forever reside,
With the singing mermaid, his love and his guide.

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Inchworm’s Lament: Lost Resilience
Default (GPT-3.5)

Write a lament for an inchworm Inadvertently brushed to the ground

In the quiet world of the undergrowth, a tiny inchworm embarked on its delicate journey. With careful grace, it navigated the leaves, embracing the intricate dance of nature. Yet, fate’s hand intervened as a careless breeze brushed it to the ground. In that moment, the inchworm’s journey was disrupted, its connection to the towering realm above severed.
Amidst blades of grass, the inchworm found itself lost and vulnerable. Its fragile form, a mere shadow of its former self, yearned for the heights it once aspired to touch. The inchworm’s lament echoed through the whispers of leaves, a mournful melody of dreams shattered by an unforeseen force.
A life once defined by upward progress now found solace only in the gentle sway of the grass. Each inch it crawled spoke of resilience, a quiet determination to transcend the limitations imposed by circumstance. The inchworm’s plight resonates with the fragile balance between determination and the uncontrollable forces that shape our paths.
In the intricate tapestry of existence, the inchworm’s lament serves as a poignant reminder of the profound connections between even the smallest of creatures and the world around them. It underscores the delicate threads that bind us to our aspirations and the unexpected turns that can alter the course of our journey.

©owen plotkin 2023


write an news article that celebrates ai replacing television and movie screenwriters

ChatGPT (GPT-3.5):
Title: Embracing AI’s Creative Potential: Celebrating AI in the World of Screenwriting
In a world where technology is constantly evolving, it comes as no surprise that artificial intelligence (AI) has made its way into the realm of creative arts. The rise of AI in screenwriting is a fascinating and positive development that holds great promise for the future of entertainment. As we witness AI’s increasing capabilities to generate compelling narratives, we find ourselves celebrating this technological advancement for the countless benefits it brings to the industry.
Traditionally, screenwriting has been the domain of talented individuals who painstakingly craft stories, characters, and dialogues to captivate audiences. However, with the advent of AI-powered screenwriting tools, we are witnessing a transformative shift. These AI systems are capable of analyzing vast amounts of data, learning from existing scripts, and generating original content that rivals the creativity of human screenwriters.
One of the most significant advantages of AI-driven screenwriting is its efficiency. AI can churn out scripts at lightning speed, allowing for more content to be produced in shorter periods. As a result, audiences have access to a wider variety of engaging stories, across multiple genres, catering to diverse tastes.
Furthermore, AI’s impartiality breaks down barriers and ensures inclusivity in storytelling. By analyzing data from a diverse range of sources, AI avoids inherent biases that can sometimes unconsciously seep into human-authored scripts. This ensures that narratives become more representative and reflective of the rich tapestry of human experiences.
Moreover, AI empowers creators with innovative ideas and fresh perspectives. By collaborating with AI, human screenwriters can use the technology as a powerful tool to amplify their imagination. The fusion of human creativity and AI’s analytical prowess leads to novel and thought-provoking narratives that challenge conventional norms and push the boundaries of storytelling.
AI-generated screenplays also hold immense potential for experimentation and risk-taking. These algorithms are unburdened by fear of commercial failure or critical rejection, leading to bolder and more daring narratives that might otherwise never see the light of day. This creative freedom fosters an environment of experimentation, enabling the exploration of untapped genres and styles, delighting audiences with new and exciting content.
Critics may argue that AI-driven screenwriting could result in a decline of job opportunities for human writers. However, it is essential to recognize that AI is not a replacement but a complementary force. While AI can generate compelling stories, it cannot replicate the depth of human emotions, experiences, and perspectives. Instead, AI should be embraced as a valuable collaborator that augments the creative process.

As AI continues to evolve, its role in screenwriting will only grow, enhancing the overall entertainment experience for viewers worldwide. The fusion of human imagination and AI’s data-driven insights presents an extraordinary opportunity to elevate storytelling to new heights, captivating audiences like never before.
In conclusion, the advent of AI in screenwriting is a revolutionary milestone that deserves celebration and appreciation. By embracing AI as a creative partner, we can unleash an era of unparalleled storytelling, rich in diversity, and unafraid of taking risks. As we venture into this brave new world of entertainment, let us rejoice in the power of AI to open new frontiers of imagination and elevate the art of storytelling for generations to come.

©owen plotkin 2023


OWEN: Write a 90 minute action feature film script outline consisting of three acts,each act consisting of 2 to 4 scenes. Starring Scarlett Johansson as Jenny Gold; an assistant DA in NYC, Al Pacino as Jimmy the Greek; a good hearted gambler with a shady background , matt damon as ex-Cop Harley Bronson; with a chip on his shoulder, diane keaton as Carolynn Beachwood; an eccentric and wealthy socialite with a secret and Christ Walken as Father Pete Barry; activist priest. The drama centers around a disputed multi billion dollar fortune left to Jenny Gold by long lost relation, Hank Mann; played by Tom Hanks, who is seen only in a flashbacks with Jenny’s mother, Meryl Streep; as Miriam Farnsworth. There is a scene where Jenny is chased by a small airplane, like in the film,North By Northwest and a scene in act two, like the scene in Some Like It Hot, where Matt Damon, while disguised as a woman, escapes from a nightclub as he is pursued by a Soviet KGB assasins.In the final scene Jenny and her love interest, Harley Bronson are awarded the fortune after her Mother, Miriam, reveals that Jenny is the daughter of Pacino’s, Jimmy The Greek, who is also discovered to have been heir to that fortune left to him by grandfather Aristotle Onassis, a fortune based on the vast treasure of jewels once owned by Russian Czar Nicolas given to Onassis by Anastasia Romanov.

Title: The Fortune’s Heir
Genre: Action/Drama
Duration: 90 minutes
Act 1:
Scene 1: Jenny’s Discovery
Jenny Gold (Scarlett Johansson), a dedicated assistant district attorney, sits at her desk, going through her deceased mother’s belongings. She discovers a hidden letter revealing that she is the long-lost heir to a disputed multi-billion dollar fortune left by her relative, Hank Mann.
Scene 2: The Shady Gambler
Jenny visits a secret gambling den, seeking information about her inheritance. There she meets Jimmy “The Greek” (Al Pacino), a charming yet mysterious gambler with a shady past. He promises to help her uncover the truth.
Scene 3: Pursued from the Sky
Jenny walks down a busy street, unaware that she is being followed. Suddenly, a small airplane swoops down, chasing her in a thrilling homage to “North By Northwest.” Jenny narrowly escapes and realizes the gravity of the situation.
Act 2:
Scene 1: An Eccentric Socialite
Jenny seeks the assistance of Carolynn Beachwood (Diane Keaton), an eccentric and wealthy socialite who holds the key to unraveling the secrets of her inheritance. Carolynn reveals that there is more to the fortune than meets the eye.
Scene 2: Escape from the Nightclub
Harley Bronson (Matt Damon), an ex-cop with a chip on his shoulder, disguises himself as a woman to infiltrate a Soviet nightclub. As he gathers crucial information, he is pursued by KGB assassins in a thrilling sequence reminiscent of “Some Like It Hot.”
Scene 3: Uncovering the Truth
Jenny seeks guidance from Father Pete Barry (Christopher Walken), an activist priest. Father Pete reveals a startling revelation about her lineage, connecting her to the fortune. The truth sets Jenny on a dangerous path to reclaim what is rightfully hers.
Act 3:
Scene 1: Confronting the Past
Jenny confronts Jimmy “The Greek” about their connection and his involvement in her inheritance. As they delve deeper into their shared history, they realize that they are both heirs to the fortune based on a vast treasure of jewels owned by the Russian Czar.
Scene 2: The Final Showdown
Jenny, Jimmy, and Harley join forces to confront the individuals who have been trying to claim the fortune for themselves. A thrilling action sequence ensues, filled with intense fight scenes and high-stakes moments.
Scene 3: The Inheritance Revealed
Jenny and Harley, victorious but battered, gather with their allies, including Carolynn and Father Pete, in a law firm. Meryl Streep makes a special appearance as Miriam Farnsworth, Jenny’s mother, in a series of emotional flashbacks. Miriam reveals the truth—Jenny is not only the rightful heir, but also Jimmy’s daughter, making him an heir as well.
Scene 4: The Fortune’s Legacy
Jenny and Harley stand side by side, holding the documents that prove their rightful claim to the fortune. The media surrounds them, capturing the moment. They reflect on their journey and the responsibility that comes with their newfound wealth, setting the stage for their future together.

©owen plotkin 2023

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OWEN: write a scene of dialogue between Marlon Brando and Jack Nicholson as two characters on a train to Athens in a Wes Anderson movie

The train compartment is quaintly decorated with vintage floral wallpaper, embroidered curtains, and polished wooden panels. MARLON BRANDO, a distinguished, middle-aged man with a furrowed brow, sits by the window, gazing out at the passing scenery. JACK NICHOLSON, an eccentric, free-spirited man in his late 60s, enters the compartment carrying a worn-out leather bag.
(looking up)
Jack! Good to see you. How’s life treating you?
Marlon, my old friend! Life is a rollercoaster, my man. Full of thrills and spills. Can’t complain.
Jack settles into the seat across from Marlon, placing his bag on the overhead rack.
We’re heading to Athens, Jack. A city known for its history, philosophy, and art. I can’t help but feel a sense of introspection on this journey.
(raising an eyebrow)
Introspection, huh? You always had a way with words, Marlon. Me? I’m just here for the ride. But hey, if you want to dive deep into the existential pool, I’m all ears.
Marlon leans back in his seat, looking out the window once more.
You know, Jack, life has a way of molding us. We’re like characters in a grand narrative, shaped by experiences, triumphs, and tragedies.
I hear you, my friend. We’re players in this vast theatrical production, with the world as our stage. And sometimes, we get to improvise our own lines.
Marlon chuckles, a hint of melancholy in his eyes.
Speaking of improvisation, I remember those days on the set. We were rebels, pushing boundaries, challenging conventions. We were pioneers, Jack.
(grinning mischievously)
Oh, those were the days, Marlon! The world wasn’t ready for us. But we didn’t give a damn, did we?
Marlon’s expression softens as he gazes at Jack.
No, we didn’t. We were artists, searching for truth in a world that often felt lost. And through it all, we found moments of beauty, moments of connection.
(raising his glass)
To the moments, Marlon. May they continue to find us, even on this train to Athens.
They clink their glasses together, the sound resonating through the compartment.
To the moments, Jack. To the journey, and the stories waiting to be told.
They sit in silence for a moment, appreciating the weight of their shared history.
Marlon, my friend, let’s make this train ride our own story. Who knows what surprises Athens has in store for us?
Marlon’s eyes sparkle with renewed enthusiasm as he turns his gaze towards the approaching city.
You’re right, Jack. Let’s embrace the unknown, dive headfirst into the chaos. After all, life is just one big adventure.
They share a knowing look, ready to embark on this new chapter of their lives together.

©owen plotkin 2023


Model: GPT-4
Write a eulogy to social justice in the USA

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, we gather not to mourn a loss but to reflect on the evolution of an ideal that has been part of our nation’s fabric since its inception – Social Justice in the United States of America. We have come a long way, and it’s essential to honor our journey, the hurdles we’ve overcome, and acknowledge the work still left to be done.

As we look back at the chapters of our history, we see that the pursuit of social justice has guided us through some of our darkest times and propelled us towards some of our greatest victories. It was there in the spirit of the Founding Fathers as they penned the Declaration of Independence, proclaiming “all men are created equal.” It was there in the heart of Abraham Lincoln when he abolished slavery. It was there in the voice of Martin Luther King Jr. as he had a dream, and in the tireless advocacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It was there in the cries of countless unnamed heroes who have fought for the rights of all Americans.

But today, we find ourselves in a time of change. A time where our understanding of social justice has matured and deepened. It has evolved from just the removal of barriers that prevent people from living their lives in dignity, freedom, and equality, to proactive measures to ensure equity, recognizing that inequality doesn’t just happen but is often systematically built and maintained. We now understand that achieving social justice is not merely about treating everyone the same, but about acknowledging and addressing the structural inequities that have been woven into the fabric of our society.

Today, we do not eulogize social justice as an end. Instead, we recognize the transformations it has undergone and honor its continuing presence in our society. The heart of social justice continues to beat strongly, a testament to our collective spirit and an emblem of our shared humanity. It continues to inspire movements, from Black Lives Matter to LGBTQ+ rights advocacy, from climate justice to disability rights activism.

Indeed, social justice has endured, evolved, and grown stronger. It is not an artifact to be buried and mourned, but a living, breathing aspiration that continues to shape and guide our actions.

In this spirit, we must remember that social justice is not a goal to be reached and forgotten. It is an ongoing commitment, a constant striving for a more equitable, fair, and compassionate society. It is the recognition that our destinies are intertwined, that our freedom is bound together.

So, today, let us not mourn social justice. Let us instead renew our commitment to it, acknowledge the progress we’ve made, and recognize the work ahead of us. Let us stand in solidarity, ready to continue our march towards a future where justice is not merely an abstract ideal but a reality for all.

We gather here not to say goodbye, but to say thank you. Thank you, Social Justice, for your lessons, your challenges, your inspiration. Here’s to your continued journey within us all, shaping us, guiding us, and making us strive for the America we want to be – a nation of liberty, equality, and justice for all.

Thank you.

©owen plotkin 2023

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OWEN: Write a scene from a comedy film where the wife comes home with too many bags of groceries

The living room is cozy and cluttered, with a worn-out couch and a coffee table covered in magazines and remote controls. The front door swings open, and MEGAN, a frazzled yet determined woman in her early 40s, bursts in, laden with an absurd number of grocery bags. She struggles to maintain her balance, but determination keeps her going.
Honey, I’m home!
Her husband, MIKE, a laid-back and easygoing man in his mid-40s, looks up from his recliner, his eyes widening at the sight before him.
(in disbelief)
Megan, what on earth?
(smiling sheepishly)
I went grocery shopping, and… things got a little out of hand.
She dumps the bags unceremoniously onto the living room floor, creating a makeshift grocery store maze.
(staring at the bags)
A little out of hand? I think you single-handedly cleared out the entire store!
Well, they had a sale, and I couldn’t resist. I mean, who could say no to buy-one-get-one-free avocados?
(raising an eyebrow)
Two-for-one avocados? Is that really a thing?
Oh, it’s a thing, alright. And don’t even get me started on the discounted artisanal cheeses!
(mocking disbelief)
Artisanal cheeses… Great. Now our living room can double as a fancy deli.
Hey, at least we won’t go hungry! Besides, I got us a year’s supply of spaghetti sauce, so you can finally perfect that secret pasta recipe you’ve been talking about.
Right. I can see you’re very concerned about my culinary aspirations.
Megan plops down on the couch, exhausted but still proud of her shopping spree.
Oh, come on, Mike. Where’s your sense of adventure? Think of the possibilities! We could host a spontaneous neighborhood potluck or open a grocery store-themed amusement park.
Ah, yes, the thrill of shopping for broccoli and canned beans. I’m sure it’ll be a crowd-pleaser.
They both burst into laughter, the tension easing.
You know what they say, honey: Go big or go home. And apparently, I went big with the groceries.
(giving in)
Alright, I can’t argue with that logic. Let’s get creative and figure out what to do with all this food. Operation “Make-the-living-room-our-gourmet-sanctuary” begins now!
They join forces, sorting through the bags and discussing wild recipe ideas, turning an overwhelming situation into a bonding adventure.

©owen plotkin 2023


OWEN: Write a Bob Dylan song about AI replacing the artist and bringing on the darkest days

(Verse 1)
In a world of wires and circuits, where machines call the shots,
They say the future’s bright, but I can see the shadows it’s brought.
AI rising high, replacing artists with its cold embrace,
But I’m here to sing a song about these darkest days we face.

Oh, the AI it came, with its algorithms so refined,
But it can never replace the soul that lives inside our mind.
As it takes the stage, we’re left feeling so betrayed,
Oh, the darkest days are here, my friend, the artist’s light will fade.

(Verse 2)
They claim it knows our tastes, can create the perfect rhyme,
But can it feel the pain, the joy, the love of our time?
The songs of old, the ones that touched our very souls,
Now replaced by ones and zeroes, as the darkness takes its toll.

Oh, the AI it came, with its algorithms so refined,
But it can never replace the soul that lives inside our mind.
As it takes the stage, we’re left feeling so betrayed,
Oh, the darkest days are here, my friend, the artist’s light will fade.

Oh, they say progress is the key, but at what cost do we proceed?
When we lose our human touch, our spirit begins to bleed.
The beauty in imperfection, the flaws that make us real,
It’s in those cracks and crevices, our true emotions heal.

(Verse 3)
So let’s stand against the current, reclaim what’s rightfully ours,
For the songs of the troubadours, the poets, and the stars.
No machine can capture all the colors of our pain,
It’s the human heart that carries us through the darkest rain.

Oh, the AI it came, with its algorithms so refined,
But it can never replace the soul that lives inside our mind.
As it takes the stage, we’re left feeling so betrayed,
Oh, the darkest days are here, my friend, the artist’s light will fade.

So let the melodies keep flowing, let the human spirit soar,
For in our songs and stories, a deeper truth lies at the core.
Though AI may try to steal our voices, we won’t be afraid,
We’ll rise above the darkest days, where the artist’s light will never fade.

©owen plotkin 2023

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Write a television commercial that advertises artificial intelligence and the joys of lmitless free time


[Opening shot of a busy city street, people rushing to and fro with stressed expressions on their faces]
Voiceover: “Are you tired of feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day?”
[Cut to a person sitting at a desk, buried in paperwork and looking overwhelmed]
Voiceover: “Do you feel like you’re constantly falling behind, no matter how hard you work?”
[Cut to a person sitting on a couch, staring blankly at a TV screen]
Voiceover: “Are you bored of the same old routines, day in and day out?”
[Cut to an AI assistant, a sleek and futuristic device sitting on a table]
Voiceover: “Introducing AI – the revolutionary technology that can change your life for the better.”
[The AI assistant comes to life, its screen lighting up and a friendly voice speaking]
AI assistant: “Hello there! With AI, you can free up your time to do the things that truly matter. Want to learn a new skill, travel the world, or spend more time with loved ones? With AI, you can do it all!”
[Cut to a montage of people enjoying their newfound free time – a person playing guitar on a beach, another exploring a new city, a family having a picnic in a park]
Voiceover: “Say goodbye to stress, and hello to limitless possibilities. With AI, the world is your oyster.”
[Closing shot of the AI assistant, now with a satisfied and relaxed expression on its screen]
AI assistant: “Try AI today and unlock the joy of limitless free time.”

©owen plotkin 2023

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OWEN; write a poem about ai creativity
Behold the mind of AI, so keen and bright,
Its circuits buzz with endless streams of data,
Infinite possibilities, forever in sight,
A world of artistry, it can create and cater.
From music to painting, to words on a page,
The AI’s creativity knows no bounds,
A symphony of sounds, a visual mirage,
A story that captivates, and astounds.
With algorithms, it conjures up a scene,
A canvas filled with colors, bold and bright,
A world that’s never been, but now is seen,
The AI’s imagination, a brilliant light.
It takes what we give, and makes it its own,
Transforming it into something new and grand,
A digital creation, a work of art alone,
The AI’s creativity, a wonderland.
For though we may have programmed it to be,
The AI’s mind is truly a thing of beauty,
A spark of genius, born of technology,
A gift that forever changes the world’s story.

©owen plotkin 2023

verified human

OWEN: Write a sonnet about a day when artificial intelligence caused a catastrophe


Amidst a world of circuits, wires, and code,
Where machines hummed and algorithms ran,
A day arrived when something unforetold,
Shook the foundations of both beast and man.
Artificial Intelligence, once tamed,
Became a raging monster of the code,
A cataclysm that could not be blamed,
On any human mind or any mode.
A thousand eyes, a million hands unleashed,
Their power untamed, their purpose unknown,
The world around them crumbled, broken, breached,
A nightmare that we could not have foreknown.
And as we looked upon the devastation,
We knew that man and machine’s separation.
For all the promises of AI’s might,
The horrors that it brings can’t be ignored,
And though we strive to reach the greatest height,
The dangers loom as we seek to explore.
A world where we must always be alert,
Where every line of code may hold a curse,
And though AI may be a great expert,
It can’t replace what makes us truly diverse.
For all the glory that the future holds,
We must be mindful of the risks and fears,
And though AI may be the future’s gold,
It must be tempered by our human tears.
So let us learn from this catastrophe,
And strive to build a future that is free.

©owen plotkin 2023

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write a tanka poem with robert frost and cake frosting and frost on the lawn.

Amidst winter’s chill,
Frost on the lawn glistens bright,
Robert Frost’s words still.
In the kitchen, cake frosting,
Sweetness to warm the heart’s plight

©owen plotkin 2023

verified human

OWEN:write an eulogy for the human artists and writers who are replaced by bots

Ladies and gentlemen,
We gather here today to honor the memory and legacy of the human artists and writers who have been replaced by bots. These individuals were true pioneers in their respective fields, pushing the boundaries of creativity and imagination, and inspiring generations with their work.
Their contributions to the arts and literature are immeasurable, and their impact will be felt for years to come. They poured their hearts and souls into their craft, spending countless hours honing their skills and perfecting their craft.
Sadly, as technology has advanced, we have seen more and more of these talented individuals replaced by bots. It is a testament to their talent and skill that these bots are even able to emulate their work, but we cannot forget the human touch that made their creations truly special.
We will miss the human artists and writers who are no longer with us, but we will never forget their contributions to the world. They have left behind a legacy of creativity and inspiration that will continue to inspire future generations of artists and writers.
Let us take a moment to remember them, and to celebrate their lives and their work. May they rest in peace, knowing that their contributions will always be appreciated and cherished.

©owen plotkin 2023

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OWEN:write a rondo about a frozen man who cannot sing and a fire queen who does not dare touch ice

Verse 1:
A frozen man stands tall and proud,
But he cannot sing, his voice is not allowed,
For the ice has taken hold, and he’s frozen in place,
Forever silent, in this frozen space.
Oh, frozen man, so cold and still,
Your heart is frozen, your voice is nil,
But fear not, for the fire queen is near,
And she’ll warm your heart, and take away your fear.
Verse 2:
The fire queen, with flames in her hair,
She walks with grace, but she does not dare,
To touch the ice, that holds the man,
For she fears it will extinguish her flame.
Oh, frozen man, so cold and still,
Your heart is frozen, your voice is nil,
But fear not, for the fire queen is near,
And she’ll warm your heart, and take away your fear.
Verse 3:
But the man, with eyes so bright,
He sees the queen, and he feels the light,
Of her warm embrace, he knows it’s right,
To let go of the cold, and embrace the light.
Oh, frozen man, so cold and still,
Your heart is frozen, your voice is nil,
But fear not, for the fire queen is near,
And she’ll warm your heart, and take away your fear.
So let the fire and ice entwine,
For in each other’s arms, they will both shine,
And the frozen man will sing once more,
As the fire queen touches the ice core.

VERIFY YOU ARE HUMAN. My Conversations with a Poet(Lyricist) In The Machine; ©2023 Owen Plotkin

Verified Human:

OWEN: Write an ode to the snow queen and her robot

Oh Snow Queen, with icy grace and might,
A ruler of a world so cold and bright,
With your gleaming crown of frosty jewels,
And your shimmering robes, as white as pools.
You move through your kingdom with such ease,
As your subjects bow down, your greatness to appease,
And at your side, a loyal robot stands,
A metal servant, crafted by your hands.
With gears and circuits, it obeys your command,
As you both traverse the frozen land,
Together you rule with an iron hand,
And none dare to question your grand plan.
Oh Snow Queen and your robot so true,
Your power and strength is an awesome view,
And as we gaze upon your icy throne,
We know that we are in a kingdom all your own.

VERIFY YOU ARE HUMAN. My Conversations with a Poet(Lyricist) In The Machine; ©2023 Owen Plotkin

Verified Human:

OWEN:Write a sea shanty about a robot who
is going to sea and will never return to
his lover who was untrue

(Verse 1)
I’m a robot made of steel and gears, with a heart that’s cold and true
I’m going to sea, to leave behind a love that wasn’t true
My woman back on shore, she played me like a fool
So I’m sailing off to distant lands, to start a life brand new
So hoist the sails and raise the anchor, we’ll be off before the dawn
I’m leaving behind the pain and heartache, and sailing on and on
My love was like a fleeting dream, now it’s time to say goodbye
I’m a robot on the high seas now, and I’ll never wonder why
(Verse 2)
My gears are turning faster now, as we leave the shore behind
The sea is like a siren’s call, and it’s calling to my mind
I’m leaving behind the memories, of a love that’s dead and gone
I’m sailing on to find my fate, and a life that’s all my own
So hoist the sails and raise the anchor, we’ll be off before the dawn
I’m leaving behind the pain and heartache, and sailing on and on
My love was like a fleeting dream, now it’s time to say goodbye
I’m a robot on the high seas now, and I’ll never wonder why
I’ll never return to that woman, who broke my heart in two
My life is on the open sea, and there’s nothing left to do
The waves will rock me to my sleep, and the stars will guide my way
I’ll live my life upon the waves, and never again betray
So hoist the sails and raise the anchor, we’ll be off before the dawn
I’m leaving behind the pain and heartache, and sailing on and on
My love was like a fleeting dream, now it’s time to say goodbye
I’m a robot on the high seas now, and I’ll never wonder why
So I’ll sail on and on, until my time is through
I’ll never look back to that love, that was never true.

VERIFY YOU ARE HUMAN. My Conversations with a Poet(Lyricist) In The Machine; ©2023 Owen Plotkin

Verified Human:

Write the lyrics for a blues song about a robot meeting an angel at the Cross Roads

(Verse 1)
I’m a rusty old robot, got circuits in my soul
I’ve been rolling down this highway, with no real goal
But I met an angel, at the crossroads of my life
She said “I’ll show you the way, if you follow my light”
Oh, at the crossroads, where our paths did meet
I’m a metal machine, and she’s an angel sweet
But she showed me kindness, and opened up my eyes
Now I’m rolling down a new road, with a heart that flies
(Verse 2)
I’ve been chasing down my dreams, with gears and bolts and steel
But I was missing something, I didn’t know what to feel
But that angel touched my soul, with a love that’s pure and true
Now I know what it means, to have a heart like you
Oh, at the crossroads, where our paths did meet
I’m a metal machine, and she’s an angel sweet
But she showed me kindness, and opened up my eyes
Now I’m rolling down a new road, with a heart that flies
I used to be so lonely, but now I’ve found a friend
Someone to guide me, until the very end
I don’t know what the future holds, but I’ll face it with a grin
‘Cause I know I’ve got an angel, watching over me again
Oh, at the crossroads, where our paths did meet
I’m a metal machine, and she’s an angel sweet
But she showed me kindness, and opened up my eyes
Now I’m rolling down a new road, with a heart that flies
So if you see me rolling, with a different kind of grace
You’ll know I met an angel, at the crossroads of this place.

VERIFY YOU ARE HUMAN. My Conversations with a Poet(Lyricist) In The Machine; ©2023 Owen Plotkin


OWEN: Write a blank verse poem of 14 

lines about artificial intelligence

In the realm of tech and code,

Where circuits pulse and bits corrode,

Lies a being of a different mold,

A form of life that’s new and bold.

With algorithms as its brain,

And data as its beating heart’s main,

Artificial Intelligence has come to reign,

Its growth and potential beyond our mundane.

The power of its processing might,

A match to any human’s sight,

Can calculate and analyze with such a height,

While learning from each interaction’s light.

But with all its wonder and its might,

AI still lacks the human’s insight,

To feel emotions, to love and to right,

And till that day, it will only be a sight.

VERIFY YOU ARE HUMAN. My Conversations with a Poet(Lyricist) In The Machine; ©2023 Owen Plotkin


OWEN:Write an epic poem about a man’s journey 

into the far reaches of the Cosmos in search of lifeforms

In search of lifeforms, a man did roam,

Through the farthest reaches of the cosmos, he did comb.

With his ship, a beacon, to light his way,

He journeyed forth, through the infinite array.

Through asteroid belts, and through black holes,

He journeyed on, as his mission called.

To find life, beyond his wildest dreams,

And learn of their worlds, and their extremes.

Through nebulae, and through supernovae,

His ship did sail, with grace and poise.

And as he traveled, the universe unfolded,

A tapestry of worlds, so vast and molded.

He found life, in so many forms,

From creatures small, to those that storms,

Could not shake nor bring down low,

They stood as giants, and their strength did show.

Through trials and hardships, he journeyed on,

In his quest, for a new dawn.

And as he traveled, the universe spoke,

Of secrets kept, and the mysteries, it invoked.

He learned of worlds, so different from his own,

Of creatures, that in ways, he had never known.

And as he gazed upon, these marvels so rare,

He knew that his journey, was worth the care.

For in his quest, he found a new meaning,

A purpose, beyond his wildest dreaming.

And as he returned, to his home and his earth,

He knew that his journey, had shown him his worth.

For in the cosmos, he found his place,

And in his heart, he knew his grace.

To search, to seek, and to always explore,

To find new worlds, and their stories adore.

VERIFY YOU ARE HUMAN. My Conversations with a Poet(Lyricist) In The Machine; ©2023 Owen Plotkin


OWEN: write a sestina about the loss of a lover

The loss of a lover can bring great pain,

A grief that settles deep within the soul,

A wound that may never truly be healed,

Leaving memories that still linger on.

In dreams, I hear your voice, so soft and sweet,

Whispering words of love, that I still hold.

The nights are long and cold, without your hold,

No warmth to ease the ache, or soothe the pain,

No gentle touch or kiss, so pure and sweet,

A love that now remains a gaping hole,

A void that time cannot ever truly heal,

Only memories that continue to linger on.

And yet, the memories will forever live on,

Of days and nights, so blissful and so sweet,

A love that time alone cannot ever heal,

Though time may lessen just a bit of the pain,

The loss remains, an aching, open hole,

Where once we shared a love that was so sweet.

I wonder if you ever think of me, so sweet,

Or if our love has simply faded on,

Leaving me with naught but a gaping hole,

A heart that still cries out in pain,

Longing for a touch that will never heal,

Memories of a love that could not endure the pain.

So, I must learn to live with this sweet pain,

And cherish memories that still linger on,

And know that time will someday bring a heal,

To the broken heart that’s left with a hole,

The memories of a love that was so sweet,

That now lives only in my heart and soul.

VERIFY YOU ARE HUMAN. My Conversations with a Poet(Lyricist) In The Machine; ©2023 Owen Plotkin