OWEN: Write a blank verse poem of 14 

lines about artificial intelligence

In the realm of tech and code,

Where circuits pulse and bits corrode,

Lies a being of a different mold,

A form of life that’s new and bold.

With algorithms as its brain,

And data as its beating heart’s main,

Artificial Intelligence has come to reign,

Its growth and potential beyond our mundane.

The power of its processing might,

A match to any human’s sight,

Can calculate and analyze with such a height,

While learning from each interaction’s light.

But with all its wonder and its might,

AI still lacks the human’s insight,

To feel emotions, to love and to right,

And till that day, it will only be a sight.

VERIFY YOU ARE HUMAN. My Conversations with a Poet(Lyricist) In The Machine; ©2023 Owen Plotkin

By verifiedhuman

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