OWEN: Write a sonnet about a man and a Bluejay

Amidst a grove of oak and maple trees,

A man did sit and ponder life’s great path.

He watched a Bluejay dance upon the breeze,

Its feathers, blue as skies, with moves of math.

The Bluejay chirped a tune, a happy song,

As if to lift the man from his despair.

Its melody flowed through the air, so strong,

A gift of hope and joy beyond compare.

The man and bird became two friends that day,

Sharing a moment free of pain and strife.

Their friendship blossomed in a gentle way,

As each found solace in the other’s life.

Oh, Bluejay and the man, a pair of kind,

Together, in nature’s realm, they did find.

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By verifiedhuman

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