OWEN:Write an epic poem about a man’s journey
into the far reaches of the Cosmos in search of lifeforms

In search of lifeforms, a man did roam,
Through the farthest reaches of the cosmos, he did comb.
With his ship, a beacon, to light his way,
He journeyed forth, through the infinite array.
Through asteroid belts, and through black holes,
He journeyed on, as his mission called.
To find life, beyond his wildest dreams,
And learn of their worlds, and their extremes.
Through nebulae, and through supernovae,
His ship did sail, with grace and poise.
And as he traveled, the universe unfolded,
A tapestry of worlds, so vast and molded.
He found life, in so many forms,
From creatures small, to those that storms,
Could not shake nor bring down low,
They stood as giants, and their strength did show.
Through trials and hardships, he journeyed on,
In his quest, for a new dawn.
And as he traveled, the universe spoke,
Of secrets kept, and the mysteries, it invoked.
He learned of worlds, so different from his own,
Of creatures, that in ways, he had never known.
And as he gazed upon, these marvels so rare,
He knew that his journey, was worth the care.
For in his quest, he found a new meaning,
A purpose, beyond his wildest dreaming.
And as he returned, to his home and his earth,
He knew that his journey, had shown him his worth.
For in the cosmos, he found his place,
And in his heart, he knew his grace.
To search, to seek, and to always explore,
To find new worlds, and their stories adore.

VERIFY YOU ARE HUMAN. My Conversations with a Poet(Lyricist) In The Machine; ©2023 Owen Plotkin

By verifiedhuman

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