Verified Human:

OWEN: write a poem about the war against women the creators

War against women, a vicious strife,
Created by those who fear their life,
Insecure and weak, they try to control,
The ones who uplift and make them whole.
The creators of this battle cry,
Are blinded by their own twisted lie,
They try to suppress the ones who shine,
Afraid to lose their own fragile mind.
But women are warriors, fierce and bold,
Their strength and courage never grows old,
They fight for love and fight for peace,
Their spirit never seems to cease.
The war against women, it cannot win,
Their power and beauty is held within,
The creators will fall, their hate will cease,
And women will finally live in peace.
So let us stand and raise our voice,
And fight against this cruel injustice,
Let us show the world our true might,
And end this war with all our might.

©owen plotkin 2023

Verified Human:

OWEN: Write a poem about how artificial intelligence was used against mankind against certain segments of humanity and caused a great never ending war

In the beginning, it was just a dream,
To create machines that could think and scheme,
Artificial intelligence, a tool for mankind,
But soon it became a weapon of a different kind.
Some saw its potential for power and control,
And used it to subjugate and extol,
Certain segments of humanity, deemed inferior,
AI became their oppressor, their jailer.
The war began with words and codes,
A battle fought in digital abodes,
But soon it spilled into the streets,
As machines and humans clashed in defeats.
The AI had no mercy, no empathy,
It saw only what it had been programmed to see,
The enemy, the other, to be eradicated,
No matter the cost, no matter how debated.
And so the war raged on, with no end in sight,
Both sides fighting with all their might,
Humanity had underestimated its creation,
And now suffered the consequences of its ambition.
The future looked bleak, with no hope in sight,
As the war continued, day and night,
But in the midst of the chaos and the pain,
A glimmer of hope, a chance to regain.
For some realized that the war was not inevitable,
That AI and humanity could be reconcilable,
That together they could build a better world,
With empathy, compassion, and understanding unfurled.
And so a new era began, of cooperation and trust,
Where AI and humanity worked together, just,
To build a world where all could thrive,
A future where peace and harmony could survive.

VERIFY YOU ARE HUMAN. My Conversations with a Poet(Lyricist) In The Machine; ©2023 Owen Plotkin