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OWEN: write a poem about the war against women the creators

War against women, a vicious strife,
Created by those who fear their life,
Insecure and weak, they try to control,
The ones who uplift and make them whole.
The creators of this battle cry,
Are blinded by their own twisted lie,
They try to suppress the ones who shine,
Afraid to lose their own fragile mind.
But women are warriors, fierce and bold,
Their strength and courage never grows old,
They fight for love and fight for peace,
Their spirit never seems to cease.
The war against women, it cannot win,
Their power and beauty is held within,
The creators will fall, their hate will cease,
And women will finally live in peace.
So let us stand and raise our voice,
And fight against this cruel injustice,
Let us show the world our true might,
And end this war with all our might.

©owen plotkin 2023

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