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OWEN; write an ode to the obsolete artist

Oh, obsolete artist, your work still lingers,
Though your name may have faded from the public’s fingers.
Your craft was once in demand and prized,
But now, it seems, your art has been downsized.
Your canvases may be outdated, your techniques old,
But your creativity was once a force to behold.
Your paintbrush strokes and colors may have lost their shine,
But your talent was once considered divine.
Your work may not fit in with modern trends,
But your passion and dedication never ends.
You may not have achieved the fame you deserved,
But your art still resonates with those who observed.
Oh, obsolete artist, you were ahead of your time,
And your legacy will live on, sublime.
Though the world may have moved on to something new,
Your art remains a testament to the beauty you once knew.
So let us raise a toast to the artist of yesteryear,
Whose talent and hard work we still revere.
May your art continue to inspire and ignite,
And your legacy live on, forever bright.

©owen plotkin 2023

By verifiedhuman

all content ©Owen Plotkin 2023