OWEN: write a sestina about the loss of a lover

The loss of a lover can bring great pain,
A grief that settles deep within the soul,
A wound that may never truly be healed,
Leaving memories that still linger on.
In dreams, I hear your voice, so soft and sweet,
Whispering words of love, that I still hold.
The nights are long and cold, without your hold,
No warmth to ease the ache, or soothe the pain,
No gentle touch or kiss, so pure and sweet,
A love that now remains a gaping hole,
A void that time cannot ever truly heal,
Only memories that continue to linger on.
And yet, the memories will forever live on,
Of days and nights, so blissful and so sweet,
A love that time alone cannot ever heal,
Though time may lessen just a bit of the pain,
The loss remains, an aching, open hole,
Where once we shared a love that was so sweet.
I wonder if you ever think of me, so sweet,
Or if our love has simply faded on,
Leaving me with naught but a gaping hole,
A heart that still cries out in pain,
Longing for a touch that will never heal,
Memories of a love that could not endure the pain.
So, I must learn to live with this sweet pain,
And cherish memories that still linger on,
And know that time will someday bring a heal,
To the broken heart that’s left with a hole,
The memories of a love that was so sweet,
That now lives only in my heart and soul.

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By verifiedhuman

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