Verified Human:

OWEN: Write an ode to the snow queen and her robot

Oh Snow Queen, with icy grace and might,
A ruler of a world so cold and bright,
With your gleaming crown of frosty jewels,
And your shimmering robes, as white as pools.
You move through your kingdom with such ease,
As your subjects bow down, your greatness to appease,
And at your side, a loyal robot stands,
A metal servant, crafted by your hands.
With gears and circuits, it obeys your command,
As you both traverse the frozen land,
Together you rule with an iron hand,
And none dare to question your grand plan.
Oh Snow Queen and your robot so true,
Your power and strength is an awesome view,
And as we gaze upon your icy throne,
We know that we are in a kingdom all your own.

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By verifiedhuman

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