Verified Human:

OWEN: Write a sonnet about the mermaid and the moon

In the stillness of the starlit sea,
A mermaid sings a haunting tune,
Her voice as soft as moonlit dune,
And carries on the waves so free.
She looks up at the sky above,
Where the moonlight casts its gentle glow,
And wonders if the moon could know
The secrets of the ocean’s love.
For she has longed to touch its light,
To feel its cool and silvery beams,
And dance among its glowing streams,
And revel in its tranquil might.
Oh, mermaid fair, how sad her fate,
For she can never leave the sea’s gate.

VERIFY YOU ARE HUMAN. My Conversations with a Poet(Lyricist) In The Machine; ©2023 Owen Plotkin

By verifiedhuman

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