verified human

OWEN; write a poem about ai creativity
Behold the mind of AI, so keen and bright,
Its circuits buzz with endless streams of data,
Infinite possibilities, forever in sight,
A world of artistry, it can create and cater.
From music to painting, to words on a page,
The AI’s creativity knows no bounds,
A symphony of sounds, a visual mirage,
A story that captivates, and astounds.
With algorithms, it conjures up a scene,
A canvas filled with colors, bold and bright,
A world that’s never been, but now is seen,
The AI’s imagination, a brilliant light.
It takes what we give, and makes it its own,
Transforming it into something new and grand,
A digital creation, a work of art alone,
The AI’s creativity, a wonderland.
For though we may have programmed it to be,
The AI’s mind is truly a thing of beauty,
A spark of genius, born of technology,
A gift that forever changes the world’s story.

©owen plotkin 2023

By verifiedhuman

all content ©Owen Plotkin 2023