OWEN:Write a Shakespearean sonnet about the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter

When Venus and Jupiter, in heaven’s sphere,

Doth meet, their light doth shine so bright and fair,

A cosmic dance, so wondrous to appear,

A sight that mortal eyes doth scarce compare.

Their radiant flames doth twirl in sweet embrace,

As each doth bask in the other’s splendor,

And all of nature pauses in its chase,

To witness this celestial wonder.

In fleeting moments, stars do shine so bright,

And for a time, the world is lost in awe,

As heaven’s brilliance paints the darkest night,

And in our hearts, doth stir a deeper draw.

Oh, Venus and Jupiter, let us see,

Thy glory from afar, in majesty.

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By verifiedhuman

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