Verified Human:

OWEN: Free verse poetry does not have to rhyme
please write a poem that does not rhyme about
the final days of the sun from Earth,
before it becomes a supernova

In the final days of the sun,
The world falls silent, one by one.
The sky turns red, the ground ablaze,
As the world prepares for its final phase.
The oceans churn, the winds howl,
As the planet braces for its final scowl.
The people gather, to hold their last rites,
To say goodbye, to the final night.
The sun grows large, its heat intense,
A sight so fierce, it makes no sense.
As the light grows bright, the people flee,
To a place beyond, where they’ll be free.
The world begins to shake, to tremble and groan,
As it prepares to face the unknown.
The trees bow low, the mountains cry,
As the final hour passes by.
And as the sun explodes, in a blaze of light,
The world goes dark, swallowed by the night.
A new beginning, a fresh start,
In a universe so vast, so far apart.
The final days of the sun are here,
A moment in time, that we all must fear.
But as we prepare to say goodbye,
We hold our heads up, to face the sky.

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By verifiedhuman

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