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OWEN: Free verse poetry is it poetry that
does not have to rhyme and does not have
a regular meter. try to write a free verse
poem about the parting of friends who must
each journey far, each into an alternate universe.

The day has come for friends to part,
Their time together has now depart.
Each must journey far and wide,
In different directions, they must abide.
Tears fall like rain from their eyes,
As they bid each other goodbye.
Promises made, and hugs embraced,
In memories, their love will be traced.
One must travel to an alternate land,
A world so distant, so grand.
The other must journey to a different sphere,
A universe so vast, yet so near.
As they prepare to take their leave,
Their hearts heavy, they can’t conceive,
A life without the other’s embrace,
A time without a familiar face.
But though they part, they do not forget,
The bond that they share, it’s forever set.
Distance may separate them, but never their love,
For it shines like a beacon, from the stars above.
So as they say their last goodbyes,
And the last embrace fades, and love dies,
They take with them memories so dear,
To cherish and hold, forever so near.

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