Verified Human:

OWEN:Write a poem that does not rhyme.

The world is vast, and full of wonder,
With sights and sounds, that make us ponder.
From mountain peaks, to ocean’s roar,
We find beauty, in so much more.
The sun that rises, in the east each day,
Brings warmth and light, to show the way.
And as the stars come out at night,
We find peace, in their gentle light.
The birds that sing, their sweet refrain,
Are music to our hearts, again and again.
And the flowers that bloom, in colors bright,
Bring joy and hope, to our world’s sight.
In every moment, we find grace,
And in every heart, a sacred place.
For in this world, so full of change,
We find love, that always remains.
So let us walk, with heads held high,
And with each step, let our spirits fly.
For in this life, that we are given,
We find the beauty, that makes life worth living.

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By verifiedhuman

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